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The Three Most Important Parts of a Landing Page

Although there are countless things to consider when creating a landing page, there are three things that should be focused on above all others. They represent the 80/20 Pareto Principle when it comes to landing page. These are the 20% of a landing page that will give you 80% of the result.

Above The Fold Optimization

The "Above The Fold" is the most important part of a landing page for two main reasons:

1. It acts as the "first impression" for your brand.
2. 60%+ of people never even scroll down at all, and as such, the above the fold is the only thing they will see.

Super Fast Load Speed

Although it is often looked upon as an afterthought (if it is even thought about at all), site speed plays a huge impact on overall conversion rate.

Simply put, if your site loads faster, you will have a higher conversion rate, and if it takes longer to load, you will have a lower one.

Irresistible Offers

You can tinker with your ads, emails and landing page all you want, but success in eCommerce comes down to your offer.

A good offer doesn't always mean high discounts either.

There are several key components that you can use to make your offer truly irresistible.

Types of Landing Pages

Most landing pages tend to fall under one of these three categories. They are the most popular types for eCommerce in general. We would recommend trying out some of each and seeing which works the best for you.

Traditional Sales Page

A traditional sales page is what most people likely think of when they hear the term "landing page." It is popular and the most common for a reason; it works.

This type of page relies on good copywriting, formatting, images, videos and more.


A listicle is a combination of the words "list + article." Typically, it is a list of five to eight reasons why someone should try your product.

A listicle is usually referred to as a "pre-sell" as it is usually placed between the ad and the sales/product page.


An advertorial is an "advertisement that is also a tutorial."

If you remember those SlapChop commercials back in the day, those were prime examples.

These work best when your product needs to be demonstrated to be understood and/or desirable.

The Process

In most cases, we will have your completed landing page up and running in seven business days or less. Here is the process we take from start-to-finish, and why we are able to complete it in this timeframe.

Reserve Your Build Spot

We want to get your page built as fast as possible AND make sure it's exactly what your business needs. Start by reserving your build spot and scheduling an onboarding call.

First Draft Complete

Right after a quick onboarding one on one, we'll send you an invoice and some questions to answer - it'll take 15 minutes. You'll have to install Replo.

Within five business days, we will have your first draft complete, guaranteed. Time is of the essence and you'll want your page done ASAP.

Initial Review

After the first draft is complete, we will ask you to review and recommend any changes. Typical changes here include copy, images, etc.

Changes Implemented

After the initial review, we will implement all of the agreed upon changes as soon as possible.

We aim to have these done within two business days.

Final Review & Changes

After we implemented the changes, it will be time for a final review.

Typical changes in this phase have to do with branding, minor copy and image changes, and the offer.

Publish Live On Replo

After the final version is approved, we will publish your page on Replo. This will require a paid Replo plan. Your page will be live on a /pages URL within your Shopify store!


We keep pricing simple.

$2,500. Done-For-You.